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Upcoming Meetings & Events in the Ann Arbor Area

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Let The People In – Hot Chocolate Outreach
Every Wednesday, 4pm-6pm
Join Aleksashka Hoffman & Orian Zakai of Imagine Warming Shelters for their weekly hot chocolate and flyering outreach in front of the former Borders bookstore, 612 E Liberty St
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Imagine Warming Centers – Weekly Meeting
Every Friday, 8:30am
St Andrew’s Episcopal Church 306 North Division St

Unity Group Meeting
People interested in bridge building and promoting a sense of unity in our community are invited to come discuss their plans for how to make this happen.
Next date and location TBD

Occupy Ann Arbor General Assembly
Next date and location TBD

Occupy Ann Arbor Direct Action Workgroup
Facebook HERE
Next date and location TBD

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