Web Team On Hiatus

Other Workgroups Still Active Though

Web Media GroupThe web team (that’s just me now, for the record) will not be updating this site for a while. While there are various Occupy Ann Arbor workgroups and other Occupy-inspired groups active in the area, like Imagine Warming Centers, Occupy UM, Occupy Ypsi, and the WCAT-driven Foreclosure Defense Team, the recently rebirthed Occupy Ann Arbor has had rather thin attendance of late. No GA’s or actions are on the schedule, and the moderators of the forums have taken leave, so the forums have been temporarily taken off line, until a skilled moderator steps up to take over. If you’re a local Occupy supporter who would like to take a lead in re-organizing something called “Occupy Ann Arbor”, drop a line.  They say the third time’s a charm. In the meantime, a lot of folks appear to have admin rights on the Facebook Cause and Group pages, so you may find current information about local actions there.

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