Take Part in the Global Teach-In April 25

All local occupy groups and supporters welcome and encouraged to get involved!

Global Teach InIt looks like things are coming together for the Global Teach-In scheduled for April 25, which is sponsored by Social Work Allies for Immigrant Rights, and being organized primarily by internationally recognized local activist Alan Haber. The Global Teach-In Ann Arbor page is now live on the GlobalTeachIn.com website, and there is a live test this Wednesday of the web-based system that will connect it all. A handful of Occupy Ann Arbor participants are involved so far, but it should be understood that this is not specifically an Occupy Ann Arbor event; any and all local occupy groups or individuals are encouraged to get on board. This is an amazing global event, with an intelligent and achievable theme at its core. And a great chance for those in Ann Arbor to make connections with like-minded individuals all over the world. At this point, the best way to get connected would probably be by contacting Alan Haber directly(megiddo@umich.edu), or if you want to work with Occupy Ann Arbor to support this event, attend this Tuesday’s Direct Action meeting. There is no OAA workgroup dedicated specifically to this event, so be aware that you will be bringing as much to the meeting as the meeting is bringing to you! Aside from a possible need for technical support, there will still be a need to promote the event over the coming week via social networks, press, flyering, and word of mouth. If you want a quick overview of the Global Teach-In, we recently covered it HERE with a summary and other useful links.

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