Tax Day Action!

Join the WCAT meeting March 29 at 6pm

One thing I keep hearing among the occupy community is a desire to involve and involve themselves in other groups and their projects. Well, here’s our chance. At 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, the twenty ninth of March WCAT will be hosting a meeting which several groups (also including, but not limited to: Occupy UM, Move On, and GEO) will be invited to attend and hopefully help plan an action to happen on National Tax Day. We might hold a rally, we might hold some signs, we might shout some slogans. It might be at the intersection between Chase Bank and The Bank of America, two well known tax evaders. Who knows? If you want to help us decide what we plan, be there! Everyone who cares about the fairness of taxes is welcome! We will be meeting in the GEO offices on the third floor of the Michigan Square building (330 E Liberty, right next to the Liberty Plaza. Map HERE). If you enter the front, right corner of the building that is mostly a small glass room with an elevator and take that elevator to the third floor, the GEO room is a short hop in front of you and slightly to your left.

If you have any questions, send email to wry at riseup dot net.

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