General Assembly & Imagine Spring Party

Join us this Sunday at Hathaway's Hideaway beginning at 2pm

General Assembly & Imagine Spring PartyIf you’re looking for a way to Occupy your Sunday, we’ve got you covered from 2pm onward. Occupy Ann Arbor will be holding the fifth General Assembly of 2012 at 2pm, at Hathaway’s Hideaway (map HERE). If you’ve never been to a GA before, this is a good way to get involved; among other things, it’s where many of the local workgroups present reportbacks about recent activities. If you’ve already participated in Occupy Ann Arbor, this will be an interesting GA, because it’s the first one where we’ll be taking a shot at generating some key “mission” or “principles” documents. A number of attendees of the last GA committed to creating preliminary drafts to share and begin getting consensus on some basic points. We’re also heading into spring, which promises some actual action for the first time in a while, beginning in mid-April and heading into May. Whether you attend the GA this Sunday or not, you might want to join the Imagine Warming Centers workgroup for the Imagine Spring Party, also at Hathaways, at 5:30pm. Join the Imagine Community for an evening of community building, solidarity and creativity with performances by homed and homeless artists. Food is graciously being provided by Sava and the People’s Food Co-op.

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