Occupy Ann Arbor “Rebirth GA” Recap

A summary of what we covered at our first General Assembly of 2012
February 5th GA

Does this look like a tent to you?

Sunday’s “rebirth GA” of Occupy Ann Arbor went more or less as key planners had hoped. For this General Assembly – the first since late November – the group was not seeking a huge turnout and lots of new faces, but were very much hoping that the various workgroups that have remained active in spite of the lack of  GA’s would attend, provide reports on what they’re doing, and get on board for re-energizing Occupy Ann Arbor. Present were one or more representatives of the Direct Action, Foreclosure, Education, and Facilitation workgroups, the Imagine Warming Centers project, and the newly-formed “GA Rebirth” and Web/Communications workgroups. The main focus of the GA was not planning actions, but rather making an assessment of who was still active, who wants to work in solidarity in the Ann Arbor area, and perhaps most importantly – who wasn’t present and represented. There was considerable dialog about the absence of younger participants, working folks, small business people, the LGBT community, UM faculty, people of color, and people from surrounding rural areas. Occupy Ann Arbor so far has suffered from a surprising lack of racial, cultural, and age diversity. Local Occupy events are consistently populated by an odd mix of people mostly either college age or over 45, and generally don’t begin to reflect the diversity of Ann Arbor’s residents. As we move forward, outreach in these areas will be a key focus, as well as better consolidating the energies of all the existing groups in the area, including the Ann Arbor based groups listed here on our site, the various workgroups, and groups like Occupy Ypsilanti. We’re confident about some positive growth. Want to get involved in this new phase? Stop looking for us in tents. Most of us aren’t in one! We keep a regularly updated list on our events page, and there’s an event almost every day this week. And all are open to whomever shows up. We also have our new forums. You can see more events listings there, and by attending a meeting, you can gain access to deeper levels that are not available to guests on the site. Hope to see you at a meeting soon, or our next GA on February 19!

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