Magic Things Can Happen…

...but they don't happen magically
Agora Exercise

Today's "Agora" exercise helped us identify ideas. Now we need to get to work on making them realities!

We had our second General Assembly of 2012 today, and I feel proud to be part of a small group of people who put a lot of work into securing a meeting space and transforming this website from being merely a source of information about local events, to an actual communication hub that local occupiers can put to work. We also put considerable effort into reaching out to every single “Occupy” person or group in the area we were aware of to make it clear that we were doing this groundwork in a spirit of inclusiveness, and we were ecstatic when many of these people – and someĀ new people – showed up with enthusiasm for creating more unity in the local scene and actually getting to work on our shared vision.

That’s why it was a little disheartening to learn that a number of people who want to take part in something “Occupy” in the area were already choosing not to participate – much like they did just a few months ago – in the belief that SOMEONE ELSE is “running the show”. And that they don’t like how the show is being run, so they’re not going to participate.

So this is directed at anyone in the Ann Arbor area who wants to work in solidarity in the spirit of this thing called the “Occupy Movement”. We need you. We need you to show up, and we need you to take charge.

We’ve done the groundwork of getting a physical space and a place on the web for you to convene, now we need you to bring your spirit of compassion, justice, and dedication together in solidarity to actually get to work. The small group that engineered these basic tools for cooperation and communication – a workspace and a webspace – are stepping aside for the next GA.

We need anyone who wants to see facilitators rotate to step up and do it! We will support you wholeheartedly. We have merely laid some groundwork, now it’s time for us all to get to work. Contact us directly, or get on the forums and let us know how we can help you. We’re not the boss of you, YOU are.

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One Response to Magic Things Can Happen…

  1. Libby says:

    I’m a part of the loose-knit group who’ve been organizing OAA GA’s lately. I’ll speak ONLY for myself here. I know there are many ways of getting things done. Any meeting techniques or ideas we’ve been attempting are only that: attempts. I’m aware of my own shortcomings regarding organizational ability – especially now that I’ve heard how unhappy some people are. I would like to personally thank those who have put voice to their unhappiness. It will cause change to happen. I will gladly step aside so others can take the lead. Only by changing things up, listening, and finding personal humility can we learn from each other. Then we can find common ground and work together. I more than gladly step aside for others to facilitate meetings and whatever else. The problems we face are so utterly massive (not telling anyone anything new) that we need all the people we can get! Thanks for this post, Ian.
    ps – sorry to all GA attendees yesterday that I didn’t have my act together to have a time piece of some kind, and that I rushed thru things!