A Busy Week for Occupy Ann Arbor

A visit to Governor Snyder, ALEC protests, and two new workgroups.

Events This WeekThis should be an interesting and busy week for Occupy Ann Arbor. As part of the General Assembly of February 19, we engaged in “Agora” exercises that helped a group that – like many Occupy groups – is comprised of a lot of individuals who may see a lot of the same issues as important, but have different ideas about how to tackle them. These exercises led to a lot more clarity about common goals, and the formation of a “Unity Group” meeting on Sunday the 26th, which helped build on this new-found cohesion. We hope that as a result of this new momentum, we’ll see the faces of those who have felt under-represented at assemblies at this week’s GA Planning meeting. As we mentioned last week, the workgroup that helped get the assemblies back on track is stepping aside to allow others to help shape the newly re-organized Occupy Ann Arbor. If you’re interested in getting involved in this exciting new phase, there are three meetings back-to-back starting at 5pm this Tuesday – the Web/Media Group, the Direct Action Group, and the GA Planning Group. See the events page for details. Part of the Direct Action meeting will be devoted to events occurring this Wednesday. During the daytime on Wednesday, some locals are joining Destination Lansing: Repeal Michigan’s EM Law Petition March & Delivery, a march organized by Occupy Lansing to to deliver the voice of Michigan voters directly to the Governors doorstep. Buses will be leaving from Detroit, Flint and other points around Michigan; see the Facebook events page or Michigan Forward for details on rideshares and buses. At 5:30pm, Occupy Ann Arbor will be making its presence known with a gathering on William and Main Streets in downtown Ann Arbor, [UPDATE: This action was cancelled due to some 11th hour logistics problems] to protest ALEC in solidarity with the Shut Down The Corporations meme put forth by Occupy Portland. Although some local occupiers consider the theme of this event to be a little too simplistic, there isĀ definitely solidarity on the idea that many of the biggest problems today include the negative influence of corporate meddling in politics, especially as manifest in organizations like ALEC, or citizenless judicial decisions like Citizens United. Hope to see you at one of this week’s activities! For more info, see the events page.

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