Transportation To The MLK Day March On Governor Snyder

Links to local public transit, ride shares, and statewide transportation

Transportation for the MLK Day march on the governor.There’s no telling exactly how large the turnout will be for Monday’s Occupy For Democracy March on Governor Snyder’s mansion, but if the amount of press it has received and the number of organized rides is any indication, there should easily be hundreds, if not over a thousand protesters. This is a peaceful march with permits and police coordination, and if you are familiar with the area where the governor’s mansion is located, you know that the route between the assembly location and the mansion is a narrow, winding road with little shoulder and poor visibility around curves. Please be safe! Police will shut down Geddes Rd. to traffic, and rally marshals will direct the crowds. If you’re arriving by car or carpool, it is recommended that you park at Washtenaw Community College, 4800 E. Huron River Dr. before 4 pm (map HERE). Speakers from Rainbow Push Detroit, the NAACP, Michigan Forward, Washtenaw Community Action Team, and several Detroit and local churches will speak about abuses of PA4, the governor’s “Emergency Manager Law”, then protesters will march to the gated community where the governor’s mansion is located to hold a candlelight vigil. The rally is scheduled to end by 7pm. If you’re in the Ann Arbor area and don’t have a ride, check the AATA website for routes and times; there are several buses that go straight to WCC. You might also check the Occupy UM rideshare page on Facebook. If you’re elsewhere in the state, Occupy For Democracy has a listing of ride contacts and bus locations for Detroit, Benton Harbor, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, and Flint. If we’ve missed any transportation options, feel free to update us with a comment.

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