Occupy Events In Ann Arbor This Weekend

A visit to the president, a solidarity meetup, and a little shout out for Occupy Ypsi

Baroccupy ObamaFriday morning, there will likely be a small Occupy presence called Baroccupy Obama at Glick Field House to challenge President Obama’s sincerity about his State of the Union promises on education and other issues. It’s logistically difficult to assemble large numbers on such short notice for a high security event like this. We’ll post a follow up and some local position statements after the visit. Friday evening, there’s a Solidarity Event at Liberty Plaza from 4:30-6:30pm which is intended not as a major event, but as a reminder that we’re still very much here, we just don’t spend all our time in tents! This small event will primarily be comprised of members from our Direct Action Workgroup, and will have information about our next General Assembly on February 5. Although other local groups have had regular assemblies all along, Occupy Ann Arbor has not had a full assembly since early December. We’ll have more details about how we’re ramping up for 2012 over the weekend, and if you want to be a part of things but don’t want to brave the weather this evening, consider joining us for our next Direct Action Workgroup meeting Tuesday, January 31, 6pm at Espresso Royale on Main Street (map HERE). We’d also like to send a little shout out and encourage people to join the newly-formed Occupy Ypsilanti  for their third General Assembly, Sunday at 3pm. Details on our events page.

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