New Events, New Faces, and a New Look

A week and a half of nearly non-stop Occupy events in the Ann Arbor Area

A new look is just one of the many changes going on lately with Occupy Ann Arbor

It’s been just over four months since the first campers set up camp at Zucotti Park in New York in September, 2011, and contrary to what many predicted, the movement continues to grow and evolve. Ann Arbor alone has four active Occupy groups, and coincidentally there have been meetings, actions, or assemblies every day for the last week, and more in the next couple of days. Occupy Ann Arbor has a Direct Action Meeting (as always, all are welcome) Tuesday at 6pm at Amer’s. (Map HERE). These meetings are currently functioning as the focal point for planning as we streamline the group’s confusing web presences and plan upcoming actions and assemblies. Want to get involved? Come to the meeting Tuesday, and we’ll grant you access to the new forums we recently created at The forums are just part of the new web tools we’re creating; we’ve also given the site a fresh look, added an events page that will soon be in calendar format, and added a page to highlight other local groups. Down the road, we’ll be adding other features, dedicated to things like coordinating this site with Facebook pages and other groups’ schedules. Speaking of schedules – like we said, there’s an event almost every day lately. Before the Direct Action Meeting Tuesday, Occupy For All has an Action Assembly on Monday, and there’s a March in Solidarity with Egypt on Wednesday in Detroit. Hope to see you soon. Stay tuned.

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