General Assembly Space Secured! Now We Need Facilitators!

As more new faces show up, we'll soon need more facilitators to keep things on track.

Photo: NASA/GSFC/Debbie McCallum

We’re pretty excited. As new faces have gotten on board recently after the reshuffling of local groups (which we’ve talked about before), Occupy Ann Arbor is really finding a new focus. We’ve secured a consistent space for indoor General Assemblies until fair weather returns, and have even scheduled the first one for February 5. Details about these upcoming GA’s will be available soon, but in the meantime, we need to do a few things to prepare, in order to get some productive GA’s and meetings in motion. One of them is getting facilitators trained. Why do we need facilitators? Because a leaderless group isn’t going to get anything done without them! Facilitation requires some training and skill to be effective, and we already have a few people on board with a decade or more of experience in this area, but we need more. If you’re interested in getting genuinely involved with Occupy Ann Arbor, either learning how to facilitate or bringing your existing skills to bear is a great way to get really involved. The facilitation group is especially looking for facilitators experienced in Wholesale Change or Open Space Technology methods. Interested? The next meeting is 6 pm Thursday, January 26 at the Garden Cafe in Huron Towers (map HERE). If you can’t make that meeting, drop us a line and we’ll get you up to speed on the next meeting. By actually showing up, you will be granted access to the deeper threads on our new forums, and can sign up for the workgroup’s on line tools.

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