Occupy Ypsilanti Gets Rolling

With a teach-in today at 3pm and some positive press

Sometimes, the most interesting people at a party aren’t the first ones to show up. We’re glad to see Occupy Ypsilanti get rolling; they got some good local press yesterday for their teach-in today at Woodruff’s in Ypsi. Local blogger Marc Maynard seems to be one of the organizers; he has a lengthy post about today’s event which includes a list of ideas for possible future actions, ranging from things like foreclosure resistance and youth mentoring, to an “edible commons” and community dinner restaurant, to occupying unused retail space, and a “Déjà Vu Undo”, which is presumably an inititiative to get rid of Déjà Vu, the adult nightclub in Ypsi’s downtown. Visit Occupy Ypsi’s tumblr here, and today’s event page here. There’s also a new Occupy Ypsi Facebook page. Pure opinion here, but if you’re familiar with the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area, it’s surprising this didn’t shape up sooner; the radical image that many seem to hold of the now-very-conservative Ann Arbor is much more applicable to Ypsi, which has a thriving community of artists, thinkers, and a lively music scene. And frankly, many more of the problems that one might associate with current social and economic woes. Go Occupy Ypsi!

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