Occupy Black Friday – What Do YOU Think?

Occupiers Nationwide Target Consumerism

The common theme for Occupy movement supporters nationwide on Black Friday seemed to be to target mindless consumerism and the amoral entities that support it. A popular target seemed to be Walmart; not only did many from the Ann Arbor movement take part in a “mic check” at the nearby Saline location (local news coverage here, firsthand account here), but protestors statewide and nationwide did as well, with similar flashmobs or mic checks being staged in cities like Lansing (YouTube clip here), Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. Not many stories of arrests, but in Oklahoma City police overreacted, tackling and arresting protestors as they complied with requests to leave. A quick scan of news reports suggests that public reaction was mixed; while many shoppers or employees were supportive, others were simply befuddled, and some irritated that their Friday discount shopping at the big box store was disrupted. The actions in any case garnered a lot of media attention; the DailyBeast even presented a bizarre but somehow reasonable comparison of the “normal” Black Friday at Walmart to the Occupy Wall St Movement. So what do YOU think? Is this a productive type of action on the part of the Occupy movement? Does it help effect positive change and reflect positively on the movement?

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