November 13 General Assembly Recap

In spite of some procedural snags, the group covers a lot of ground.

November 13 GA Michigan LeagueSunday’s General Assembly of Ann Arbor’s largest Occupy group was an interesting experiment in procedure, policy, and location, something that we’ll cover in detail in a separate post. This was the first INDOOR assembly (at the Michigan League), and the first that diverged from the previously established Thursday assembly schedule. The early part of this GA also diverged from the standard NYCGA method that the group has mostly adhered to, primarily because at the outset, there simply weren’t enough people present for a quorum based on the group’s own requirements. This led the group to enter a round-table discussion prior to commencing the standard assembly. Being indoors also negated the need for the “human microphone”, which changed the flow of things considerably. In spite of some moments of frustration caused by the more free-wheeling format, some important issues were addressed, key amongst them being the need to scale back the number of weekly events to the resources actually available amongst the group, the need for much better internal communication, and better “ownership” of the activities of the existing committees – which at present include Direct Action, Education, Facilitation, Medical, Press, Supplies, Tech, Transportation, and Morale. If you have a Facebook account, the full meeting notes can be viewed HERE. This ironically was one of the issues discussed – not everyone is on Facebook! So as a courtesy to those of you who are in fact not on Facebook, we’ve converted the notes to a PDF file that you can download HERE. The group plans to launch a major overhaul of their site at this week, at which point you will see some pretty dramatic changes here at In the meantime, your best source for the latest info on events getting involved are the group’s Facebook page and the website at

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