The Occupy Facebook Movement Is A Smashing Success

Perhaps now it's time to show up in person

Occupy Ann Arbor Facebook LikeAs I write this, the Occupy Ann Arbor cause page on Facebook has 2,560 “Likes”, and 916 people “talking about this”. At the last two assemblies I attended in Ann Arbor, there were about 50 people present. I think somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do….but hey! Don’t be afraid! Leave your computer for a couple of hours – the internet will still be there when you get back – or, if that causes too much anxiety, go ahead and bring your smartphone and Facebook while you’re at the assembly if you must! But now that you’ve had a chance to express your nuanced views on comment threads all over the web, why don’t you show up IN PERSON at the next assembly? You’ll meet interesting people from all walks of life – professionals, entrepeneurs, artists, concerned activists, and regular working folks from all sectors. And maybe make a difference in the world. Because, to quote one of the great protest leaders of the 20th century….

Though a peaceful form of protest, we did not find the ‘Like’ button to be one of our more effective tools
~ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Feel free to share the larger version of the graphic below…

Like Button Occupy Wall St

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