Occupy Yourself. Occupy Your Neighborhood. Occupy Your Town.

Remember, YOU are the boss of you. No-one else.

So what are you waiting for? As the Occupy/99% movement continues to explode across the country, one thing is for sure, and that is that nothing is for sure. No-one predicted that the movement that started with such a small group in NYC would spread so virulently, especially since the movement has no hierarchy, and no central command or headquarters. The Ann Arbor group that organized the October 6 assembly was, for instance, formed by University of Michigan students, but oddly there appeared to be as many or more non-students in attendance. And if you’re in the Southeast Michigan area, there’s no shortage of actions or groups to connect with. But use your head. As we perused websites and Facebook groups to try and gauge how things are evolving, we made one interesting discovery. The site at occupydetroit.com (we’re not even going to link to it for now) appears to be an occupation of ANOTHER kind. A domain occupation. The site has several embedded videos, and links at the bottom of the page to dozens of “Occupy” sites for other cities. They all link to clone sites, which point to what appears to be a bogus “Occupy Party” site at occupyparty.org. And if you do a WHOIS on the domains, they all are privately registered to a domain broker (fabulous.com) based in Queensland, Australia. Yes, let’s occupy the Outback. So like we said, if you’re enthused about this movement, remember it’s starting from the ground up, and you’re on the ground! No group in your area? There is one, but they seem to be spinning their wheels? START YOUR OWN. And you don’t need Facebook. Pick up your phone. Call your elected representative. Call a friend, start a weekly meeting. GET IN MOTION. Below are links to a few Michigan groups that look credible. Feel free to inform us of others. And watch out for that other kind of occupation; this movement just got big enough that all sorts of groups and individuals will be trying to infiltrate and hijack it for their own interests. Keep your eyes open, use your head. And most importantly, move those feet! Below are some links with brief commentary. So many URL’s, so little time. Occupy Michigan (Website)
OccupyMichigan (Facebook)
Both seem organized and regularly updated. Extensive links to other Michigan resources.

Occupy Detroit (Facebook)
This looks like the most organized group. Event planned for October 21, 2011
Over 26,000 people invited, over 2500 attending so far.

Occupy Detroit (Website)
As of this writing, just a forum on the landing page.
Not many users, hard to navigate.

Occupy Flint (Facebook)
Not many members, but Flint needs all the help it can get!
Where are you, Michael Moore?

Occupy Ann Arbor (Facebook)
Still the most organized local group. We are not officially affiliated.

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