Occupy Ann Arbor General Assembly – October 6

The Most Organized Group We've Tracked Down

A little too "Soviet" for your tastes? Why not show up and offer to fix it!

In spite of proactively contacting over a half dozen organizers of local “Occupy Ann Arbor” events and groups, we haven’t received a single response. However, one group on Facebook seems to be pulling some people together in significant numbers; over 900 invites as of this writing. If you’re not a Facebook user yourself, you can view most of the content at their main group page, but will not be able to view things like information about the General Assembly they’ve organized for Thursday, October 6 on the University of Michigan Diag. We’ve snagged their only visual material and included it below for those who don’t have Facebook accounts. Don’t be turned off by the 1940′s Soviet-looking graphic they’re currently using (at left); remember this is a leaderless group so far. Events like this are how people connect and how a movement like this finds its heart and direction, including media people and designers. At this stage, simply getting people in the same place is the most important thing. We’ll be there for sure, if only to document the event. And we’re sure that if the turnout is decent and if the organizers keep fine-tuning their actions as they have been, there will be enough talented people showing up that things will evolve quickly. This town is a hotbed of talent and intelligence. If you have any information to add about a local event or group we haven’t listed, contact us. And if you don’t know what or where the UM Diag is, Wikimapia has just about any kind of map or satellite view you need. Stay tuned. The General Assembly’s current flyer is below.

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